Turn ChatGPT into its own prompt generator ?

If you're exploring a new subject or not receiving the desired outcomes, transform ChatGPT into your personal assistant. For instance, say, “I want to develop a new marketing strategy for my emerging golf brand. Let me know the information needed to create the best plan, and come up with a prompt my team and I can use for similar inquiries in the future.”

Craft an AI prompt for your brand's identity ?

Modern brand guidelines include color schemes, logo usage, and design templates - why not incorporate an AI prompt for your brand's voice? Collect a variety of branded content from your website, advertisements, and blog posts. Provide it to ChatGPT and request that the system generates a description of your brand's writing style to serve as guidelines for your entire organization. Refine and iterate until satisfied, and then create a shared prompt for your team like: “We are ___, we create ___ for ___, and for all writing tasks, please write in the following style: ____.” This will ensure a more cohesive brand voice!

Tailor it specifically for you ??‍♀️

Many users don't provide enough details in their prompts, leading to generic and subpar outputs. Include more limitations. Rather than saying: “Design a 5-day travel itinerary for Lisbon,” try: “Create a detailed, hour-by-hour 5-day travel plan for Lisbon, considering that I am a 45-year-old male traveling solo. I detest golf, spinach, and wind, but adore archery, farm animals, coffee, and horror movies. I prefer temperatures above 65 degrees, have a daily budget of $500, and want to experience at least two sunsets from scenic spots.”

Engage in fill-in-the-blank exercises ✏️

Think of it like reverse Madlibs. If you're struggling with a particular writing segment, phrase, or word, substitute it with a placeholder (e.g., “XK”) and instruct the system to complete the blank whenever it encounters that placeholder. This technique can help you overcome writer's block.

Sharpen your debating skills ⚖️

Being persuasive is a valuable asset in the business world. Use ChatGPT as a debate partner to prepare for upcoming discussions or decisions. Provide a topic or argument, and ask the system to support or oppose it. Engage in a conversational exchange to fine-tune your points and counterarguments, enhancing your persuasive skills and critical thinking abilities.

Use variables like a menu ?

 Incorporate multiple sub-prompts and parameter choices, similar to a restaurant menu. “I will give you an <ask>, a <voice>, and an <output style>. Voices options are: 1 - funny and irreverent in the style of Jerry Seinfeld, 2 - formal and academic in the style of James Carville, etc. Output style options are: 1 - text, 2 - table, 3 - decision tree, 4 - ascii drawing, etc.” Make these LONG and SPECIFIC.  When prompting ChatGPT, simply select from your menu and write: “Ask = research on stingrays, voice = 8, output style = 3.” This approach is a significant time-saver!"